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#137153 - I could not help myself and had to taste that nectar, so I stuck my tongue as deep as I could in her pussy opening, man, it was very warm and her juices covered my tongue, I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and stuck it even deeper inside her, she tightened her pussy muscles and that pussy sucked my tongue deeper inside her! She let my tongue lose , I pulled out my tongue and there was a thick clear thread of her pussy juice attached to my tongue that stretched out from her pussy, damnnnn, Mmmmmmm!!!! I licked all her pussy from hot thick fat clit to her ass and back, I liked her like a hungry bitch, out of control, making all kinds of noises with my tongue and her wet pussy, wow! I would suck the juice out of her cunt hole, suck her inner pussy lips, taking them deep in my mouth and taking the skin that covered her clit and pushing it back to expose her hot red clit which has a head that looked like a dick! I took it in my mouth and I sucked it deep inside my mouth but softly, I

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