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#148823 - Then we kissed and I was hard she ordered me to let her ride my hard cock she got on top I started to fuck her slowly, her tits were bouncing up and down; I was slapping her ass, that was harder when I shoved my cock all the way in her! While I was fucking her she was flicking her clit, so I got behind her and stuck it in her ass, it hurt my dick sweetly, she didn’t want me to stop, she cried in pain for a while than the pleasure took over her. When I appeared the door was opened by some fresh hot woman, of 40 – 41, with big, really big boobs and a nice sweet body. But this babe of mine was fine! She kept going up and down on my cock and very soon I had a huge load I wanted to dump.

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Lahm wie immer
Pay more attention to the fuckiing and less to the camera he looks totally bored