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#173211 - Pressing my mouth into her pussy I drank in her sweet smell, then my tongue worked up and down her slit, she was soaking wet so with a little push, my tongue parted her lips and I found her clit, sucking and nibbling this for three minutes, coming down a fraction my tongue went into her pussy hole, she came filling my mouth with her juices, I lapped it all up, she pushed my head away and told me to “Get up here and give me a good fucking” I was balls deep before she had finished talking, slamming my cock in and out of her she screamed, “Oh Fuck, Oh fuck, Fuck, Fuck, I’m going to cum” her muscles tightened and held my cock tight, she shook her head from side to side and groaned, her back came off the bed and she went stiff, as she calmed down I thrust hard into her, my cock twitched and I filled her womb with my seed. Looking back at my life, I was one lucky chap. It took two minutes for her to have her first orgasm, her head came back and she groaned, I kept up my attack on her pu

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Momoko kuzuryuu
Sei fantastica mi hai fatto eccitare tantissimo
I wanna do this so hot