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#8386 - My finger inserted itself just a little deeper into the wet fuckhole and made an in-and-out motion, carefully not fingering too deeply, just up to where I could feel her hymen, her barrier; the proof that no man had ever ventured into… and that she is mine, only mine… But in the throes of a seeming climax, Sophie unconsciously heaved her round buttocks sharply, pressing into my hand and that’s when my finger that has been finger-fucking her slid deeply, tearing her hymen and it elicited a sharp cry from her. Her sobs are all but gone now, her moans, distinctly loud, with some screaming even, until I felt her body tensed up and shaking violently until she screamed her first-ever orgasmic scream… ‘Oh… Oh my… OHHHH!’ She fell face flat on the pillow, legs almost buckling from the frenzied shock of the orgasm but I held her ass high as I continue to ram my rigid hard-on into her. Well, they say that this is all part of the male machisimo… and male’s natural weakness… and yet,

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Urumi ushizaki
There so sexy
Yum bad girl jj
Velvet crowe
I mean jade amber
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Fucking incredible