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#347055 - Once they were done and she got off and went to go clean herself up, he motioned me to come close and whispered in my ear hey dude, I know you're still hard inside of me, can you please keep fucking me, we will have to sneak around and do this more often. At this point, I was really starting to fill Matt with my hard cock, I couldnt believe he wasn't awake, but he was enjoying it and so was I, I knew his girlfriend would be in eventually and I wanted him awake for that moment, so I smacked him hard on the cheek and tried to wake him up. I'm worried that he might freak out when he wakes up but being so horny just makes me want him even more, I start to remove my cock and once I get the tip I slowly go all the way in again.

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Sebastian castellanos
I thought this was jesus s last supper why did my sunday school teacher send me this
Kurz weber
Love that